keyword rich URL is a plus for a website. This can help improve ranking in search engine results pages. When the URL you want is not available, you can simply add a suffix or prefix to your keyword. A keyword that contains a combination of keywords can help drive more traffic to a website.

Check the domain name
Check the domain name before deciding to buy a domain

Choose a top level domain name

When checking the domain name, be sure to base it on the geographic location of your target customers. If your site is aimed at international customers, dot-com domains are best for you. If the point-com domain is no longer available, you can choose between the point-org and point-net domains. If your business is located in the UK, the top level domain should be dot-co-dot-uk. Nonprofits should choose point-org as their top level domain.
How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name for Your Website

Buy a new or old domain name

Again, you need to do your research and verify the domain name before you decide to buy it. It is essential to opt for a URL linked to your specific niche.

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