The generic boot liners requiring you to cut to size are often made of the standard PVC material. The liners that are patterned on top for them to be non-slip are usually made of rubber. These two materials are both reasonably hard-wearing, easy to clean, and waterproof although these might not be suitable for dogs since they might not be that comfortable.

Rubber Car Mats or Rubber Boot Liners?

There are people who refer to them as rubber mats while others call them rubber car boot liner carpets. The most appropriate name, however, is probably a rubber mat since this type of liner just sits on the boot’s floor and doesn’t line or offer protection to the sides of the boot in such a way like what many boot liners do. 

Rubber car boot liner carpets
Withcar Rubber car boot liner carpets

This means that there are several downsides you can expect if you choose a rubber mat instead of a full boot liner. It is always recommended that you use both a rubber mat and a custom made boot liner to stay on the safe side. 

About Rubber Car Mats

Rubber car mats have been designed to offer protection to the floor of the boot. But, unlike other designs of boot liners, these mats don’t keep the sides protected. 

Being a hard-wearing material, you can expect rubber to protect the boot’s floor against oil, acid, and other chemicals. This is waterproof as well and UV light doesn’t make it fade.

Many rubber car boot liner carpets feature a patterned and raised design to ensure that items don’t slip around inside the boot and cause damage. 

Some of the main advantages of rubber mats are:

  • Waterproof 
  • Offer protection against UV light, dirt, and oil 
  • Easy to remove and fit
  • Easy to clean
  • More affordable than other materials

Raised-Edge or Flat Rubber Mats?

A flat rubber mat lies flat in the boot of the vehicle and offers an extra layer of protection. These are made not to slip and ensure that the items stay secure. Flat rubber mats also make it easy and quick to clean small spillages inside boot. 

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