The most common choice of any car owner who wishes to create comfortable surroundings in their car is a rubber floor mat. Even though there are two types of rubber floor mats, the one made from rubber and the one made from textile, rubber floor mats seem to be the most common choice, even though both cons and pros of the materials are obvious.

The reason why car owners insist of owning this most common car accessory that makes all the difference in their car when it comes to comfort and convenience is the fact that cars get dirty very easily. Whether the driver is the only person who uses the vehicle on a daily basis or there are a larger number of individuals, the dirt from the streets can easily get inside it. It does not matter whether it is brought inside the car on the shoes, clothes or other items or if it is a byproduct of a lifestyle, such as eating on the go or in a car, all that dirt will eventually find its way on the floor of the car. No matter what is the material of your floor mat it, is obvious why it is so much easier to clean the car if you do have a set of mats on the floor.

Advantages of rubber floor mats

As said before, floor mats are a must have accessory of every car. It not only makes the cleaning easier, but it also adds an extra character to the inside of your car. When you want to buy a car, many companies offer a set of floor mats as a part of the car. In most cases, they use the opportunity for advertising, because they print their own logo and company name on the mat. Buyers do not have a problem with that because it saves them the additional money they would spend on separate set of floor mats for their car. It is a win win situation but car owner should not expect an impressive quality of these mats but only a short term solution which will have to be replaced very soon.

Finding the right rubber floor mats on the market is easy
Rubber floor mats in a car

In most cases any car owner can choose between a floor mat made from rubber or a textile one, but it is important to note that a rubber floor mat has many advantages. The most obvious one is the fact that it is easier and faster to clean. While with the textile floor mat you have to use a vacuum cleaner to get the dirt out, with the rubber floor mat you can just take it out of the car and shake it all off. When it comes to the spilled liquids, the textile mats absorb it all in, and if not cleaned quickly enough it can produce a strange odor which you will not be able to air out as soon as you might want. With rubber floor mats you can wipe it off or clean with a damp cloth and the stain is gone. If it has already dried, a combination of water with a little shampoo or a jet of water will be sufficient to wipe it all away, leaving your rubber floor mats as clean as they were when you first bought them.

Disadvantages of rubber floor mats

Many individuals claim that the big disadvantage of rubber floor mats is the spell of rubber which can be found in your car when you first place your new rubber floor mats inside. But, just like with any product, the rubber mats can be found in a different price ranges. It mainly depends on the quality of the synthetic rubber from which they are made. The most expensive versions are made of the highest quality rubber which is very elastic and does not change its shape even after a lot of use. Also, this kind of rubber does not release any kind of odor. The good quality rubber floor mats are resistant to any weather conditions and will not break so easily. Also, they do not contain any harmful substances that could be bad for your health.

How to Clean Your Plastic or Rubber Floor Mats

For many, a disadvantage of a rubber floor mat is also the lack of choice when it comes to the color, since they can mostly be found in black. But compared to all of the advantages it has to offer, this should definitely not be a deal breaker.

Finding the right rubber floor mats on the market is easy

Today, floor mats for the inside of your car can be found anywhere, whether it is a specialized shop with car parts, a local gas station or a shopping mall, which offer many other products, such as food and cosmetics. This is especially true for rubber floor mats, because they are becoming more and more available for a large number of customers. Where you choose to buy them also depends if you are looking for a standard or a custom made floor mat. A standard mat can be placed in absolutely any car but a custom made mat must be tailored to fit perfectly into your car brand, so it is important to know the measures. The most expensive versions are made of the highest quality rubber which is very elastic and does not change its shape even after a lot of use. Also, this kind of rubber does not release any kind of odor.

Rubber mats are purchased mainly in sets of 4 parts. In such a set there is usually a mat for the driver and front passenger seat and the two mats for the rear seats. Some contain rubber plugs which can be pinned to the appropriate place in the car, if your car offers such option. Rubber floor mats are an excellent choice for any car owner that wishes to make the inside of their car a comfortable and safe place to spend a few hours every day. It is easily cleaned and if carefully chosen, keeping in mind the quality, it should be a wonderful addition to your car for a very long time.

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