1. Lotrščak Tower

Are you a big fan of panoramic views seen from the top? One of the most remarkable spots in Zagreb is none other than the Lotrščak Tower. The tower is located on top of the funicular found in the city’s old town area.

Viewpoint Lotrščak Tower in Zagreb, Croatia

The tower was once part of the fortifications of the city completed in 1266. It was built to defend the city’s southern entrance. The good news is that the entrance fee to Lotrščak Tower is very affordable; making it a perfect choice even if you are on a budget. 

Once you get inside, you just need to climb several staircases between the floors. Every floor offers different views outside the windows. There are also information boards that tell guests what they can expect to see on every floor written in both English and Croatian. 

At the top is the viewing platform that offers an amazing viewpoint, and from there, you will be able to see the lower and upper towns. Other sightseeing gems are also visible from there, such as the Zagreb Cathedral, Octagon, and St. Mark’s Church. 

Clear sunny days are often the perfect time to visit and climb Lotrščak Tower and take in the views in all their glory. 

2. Grič Tunnel

Grič Tunnel is the pedestrian tunnel found below the Grič neighborhood. This tunnel complex features a tunnel hall that two long passageways connect from west to east with entrances on Stjepan Radić Street and Mesnička Street. Four passageways also extend to the south. 

Entrance to Grič Tunnel in Zagreb

The tunnel was constructed during the Second World War to serve as a promenade and a bomb shelter. When the war ended, the tunnel soon became redundant, falling into disrepair not long after. 

When the 1990s came, the tunnel also served as the home to Croatia’s first raves and soon became a shelter during the war of independence in the country. The tunnel was officially opened in 2016 as a tourist attraction for the public. It also serves as the host of cultural events. 

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