Aside from rubber, there are other materials that are used for boot car mats, ranging from molded trays with both high and low side backs to simple plastic sheets. The plastic sheets can also be semi-fitted or fitted. On the other hand, the molded types are made of hard wearing and fully fitted canvas.

Rubber boot car mats
How to use rubber boot car mats

Make the Most Out of Rubber Boot Car Mats 

Rubber boot car mats can be shaped so that they will fir your car, either high or low sided. If this doesn’t work for you, you can also settle for boot car mats of box style. Each of these styles has its own unique purpose. With molded boot car mats, you can be sure that they will fit snugly in the vehicle since these have been custom fitted.

These are also typically low sided and there are others with a very tiny lip on three sides or more. On the other hand, box styles boot car mats provide waterproof protection and secures any equipment you put at the rear of your car.

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