Historical maps can help you see the things around you.  

You are suffering from tunnel vision if you see only as what the blue arrow would like you to see. Knowing what is nearby can make you feel more comfortable in your surroundings. For all you know, there could be a nearby beautiful lake in your area or there might be cycle-friendly route that you didn’t even know exists before. Historical maps can open and broaden your world in more ways you can imagine.

Maps will let you see where you will, where you are right now, and where you were before.  

Life is wonderful journey. Right from your birth, you are already in the permanent transformation process. Visualizing where you have been lets you envision where you will go and as a result, you can also picture your current spot in the world. Historical maps of Slovenia can document your own path, light your way, and preserve your memories. 

Historical maps
Historical map

Maps show topographical details like sea depths and mountain ranges. 

It is difficult to see or imagine how high a certain mountain is or what lies underneath your feet from a small screen. It is where cartography transforms into art, with mapmakers condensing an extensive number of data into a single visual sign that is simple and beautiful at the same time. it is quite amazing how much details are hidden in every millimeter of the page.

Video: How to Read a Topo Map

Maps remind you that everyone lives on the same planet. 

Considering the existing political, economic, and social climate, it is all too easy to believe that you are living in a ruptured world, that everyone is too different, and that it is best if you focus on problems closer to home. However, if you try to spend some time looking at those shapes making up the landmasses of Earth, you will notice that they actually tessellate. It means that no matter where you are, whether in Slovenia or somewhere else, everyone is a citizen of the world and will surely find his own position on a world map (https://oldmapster.com/) too. 

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