Contrary to common belief, when the trail is pointing exclusively down or when you want to give it a nudge, the power assistance will taper off if you travel more than 25kph. This is the time when the increased weight can become more noticeable and the penalty is that it is not that nimble. Skeptics of  eBikes seem to think that the bike is going to act like motocross bikes that tear up trails with a limitless acceleration and speed.  

But, this is actually very far from the truth. An additional benefit to pure descents was plus tyres being added that came fitted to eBikes provided for the test, offering more traction, grip, and comfort.  Electric mountain bikes possible cause less erosion on the trail in a crazy way compared to regular mountain bikes that have the tendency of seeing wheels spun once climbing gradients become too difficult.

Technical Climbs are Smoothen Out

Technical climbs like armored corners and rocky step ups and short steep slopes usually demand the rider to manage the intake of oxygen, putting out a controlled explosive power and navigating the features at the same time.

How to master extreme and technical hill climbs on an ebike

Although an electric mountain bike ( will not necessarily do all the hard work for you, this will give you an extra nudge on pedaling front to leave your muscles free enough to deal with the rest. There is also the pedelec motor that can keep the power consistent to retain momentum that can provide more traction for the plus-sized tyres. 

Less Shifting is Necessary But Shouldn’t be Neglected Totally

Since pedaling is unavoidably made easier because of the motor’s engagement, the tendency of dumping an entire bunch of gears before a steep pinch is almost gotten rid of.

Electric mountain bikes in nature
Electric mountain bikes make it a breeze to access several trail networks in just one day

But, it may result to excessively riding on a single cog that can lead to wear and tear. The balance of suitably timed shifting and allowing the pedelec to take over can lead to the smoothest ride and best outcome.  

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