The main difference is between those who create accessories for car child seats and those who create both car seats and compatible accessories. In this second case we are talking about products that are actually safe because they will be evaluated and tested together.  A great advantage in terms of safety, isn’t it?

Child seats
Child seats

Obviously, since we are talking about accessories, we are not talking about objects that are necessary or indispensable for the correct working of the main device (the car seat), but we do not want to deny that some of these options are incredibly convenient both for parents in terms of practicality and for the comfort of the child itself. In particular, two of them stand out among the many accessories for car seats.

Car seats and accessories: seat belt extenders

Seat belt extenders were originally designed for people who were obviously overweight and had difficulty using their seat belts because they were too short to wrap around them completely and comfortably. The way seatbelt extenders work is simple: they are installed between the seatbelt tab and the buckle to lengthen its wrapping capacity. It didn’t take long for this tool to start being used for car seats as well, standing out as a favorite accessory.

How to Install Child Car Seats – Basics and Beyond

However, this is one of those cases where it is necessary to use tested and certified car seat accessories (more information on Silux website). This is because, especially in the case of infant carrier devices equipped with booster seats, there is a risk that the seat belt will not adhere well to the device and, in the event of an accident, could slip off, leaving the seat without the necessary lock to keep it attached to the seat.

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