Both inside and outside the cars we can install certain accessories to facilitate the function that we give. One of the accessories installed in the most used cars is the car roof rack.

What is a car roof rack?

A car roof rack is an arrangement of bars that adhere to the top of the cars carefully so as not to compromise the structure of the roof. Its main function is to condition the car so that it can carry out the transfer of large and heavy objects that may or may not fit inside it but are of such volume that they reduce much space for passengers.

Withcar car roof racks

There are some types of car roof racks that are installed in the back and not in the roof, both versions are very popular in small cars that have very little space to carry luggage or other items. There are car roof racks that are designed to carry a specific object, for example bicycles, motorcycles, skis or Car roof box.

There is also an option that involves the installation of a chest on these bars but presents a disadvantage with respect to the bars alone, add an additional weight to the cars regardless of whether it is being used or not, and also limits the space that can be used.

The benefits provided by the installation of car roof racks in cars is that they maximize storage capacity, it is also the preferred accessory for those who dedicate their lives to travel around the world or to perform a sport that involves the transfer of equipment.

The use of a car roof rack is very simple, simply define a pair of support points that keep the object fixed to the car and that do not compromise the safety of passengers on board or others around.

The following should be considered

While installing a car roof rack in the cars (either in the roof or the rear) is a wise decision to give an efficient use to the internal space of the car, it is important to consider installing it with a professional in the field as they can do unstable the car, can be detached if the weight placed on it is greater than it can support, among others.

Withcar car roof racks

The person in charge of the installation of this car accessory must provide the user with a manual through which he will make known the advantages and disadvantages of using a car roof rack. The most common warnings are the following:

  • Add weight and resistance to the vehicle: this happens with everyone, but especially those who carry a chest on the bars, since the weight of the chest is added to the weight of the car, in addition the volume of it can represent some resistance to the wind, this implies a reduction in speed and a fuel consumption a little higher than usual. This is an aspect to consider when requesting a car roof rack installation.
  • The car roof rack will always be exposed to all external agents that can deteriorate it, for this reason it is necessary to take the necessary measures for its care and maintenance.

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