Many of you have doubts about the Ariens deluxe 28 snow blower machine, because it’s not a famous brand. But it’s for sure much better than the old Tecumseh you know, it will surely set as one of the most reliable engines for a snowblower.

With the Auto-Turn there’s no need to go in circles while turning, instead of that, you can turn around in closed spins from its axis. This new feature allows zero-turn. There’s no need anymore to grip both handles and pull levers to turn. There are no levers to move actually. So turning is now a graceful acting while you have the traction required in the snow. You don’t even have to change speed.

This 28” Ariens machine is made for two or three car driveways. It takes charge of 4 to 16” snowfalls without effort and is potent enough to throw fresh, dense snow. Due to its high intake it can remove 20” heaps. It runs well on gravel.

Auto-Turn is made to for using effortlessly, and you don’t need to change speed to turn and drive the machine with precision. No manual setting required for this function. There are no triggers or lever to pull as seen in this Ariens deluxe 28 review. The steering is also visible on Ariens Deluxe 30 wheel-drive models and Platinum, Pro, and Hydro-Pro models, also with track-drive.

254 cc Ariens AX engine

The LCT engine is twice as powerful as a 208cc engine. It’s a nice engine. It starts right away and is powerful enough to remove thick heaps. You surely won’t have any problem with this motor but if you do, put in contact with your local Ariens dealer. Dual roller ball bearings lessen friction and makes it last longer. Cast iron sleeve makes it last longer and better emissions.

The 12.5 ft-lb Ariens AX engine is powerful enough for midwestern winters. With more force than the B&S motor, also presented on the Deluxe 28+. Quite silent for its size and using a muffler your ears won’t get any damage. The engine’s torque is amazing. The AX motor manages 10” heavy snow like nothing.

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