The kegerator KC2000 has enough space to hold a large 124 pints keg, which is half the size of a barrel, a pony keg of 64 pints or a ¼ barrel. It can also contain two sixth kegs of 42 pints or two Cornelius craft-brew kegs of 40 pints each, which is enough beer for a month.

The inner size of the machine is 28 inches high, 16,75 inches wide and 15,5 inches deep. The CO2 tank is set at the rear of the machine, having an external mount. Thanks to that, the kegerator has more internal space.

The kegerator keeps the temp down up to low 30s and low 40s, making sure that the brew won’t go to waste too soon. It has a dial for changing the temp. You can turn the kegerator into a fridge if you need to. It includes an aluminum 5lbs CO2 tank to be filled at your local brew store, and helps for cooling.

This machine is made for home use only and has roller wheels for easier mobility. It also has a dual drip tray that prevents any beer overflow from causing a mess like seen in these Edgestar KC2000 reviews.

For domestic draft beer, the KC2000 has a stainless-steel draft tower with a tap, a chrome-plated brass faucet, a coupler and a regulator to adjust pressure, which you can read in an indicator. The beer line is NSF approved. The air line is of vinyl, and the two lines are 5ft long.

It comes with a spanner wrench for making the required adjustments during the setup. The model has a metal disk at the bottom to protect the appliance and make it las longer. The door is reversible. It also has security chrome rails.

The model includes an analog thermostat for checking the temp. There are options available regarding dual tap and tap finish. It comes with a 90-days warranty on technical support and one-year warranty on parts supply. The black finish model is 4” smaller than the basic full-size model. It can still contain a full-size keg.

Most people who has purchased this kegerator said that it is simple to set up, maintains the beer cold and dispenses quality draft brew.

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