Now, where to put Bosch Tronic heater is no reason to worry. Its compact and small-sized design will allow you to mount it wherever you prefer, under the sink or on the cabinet. It can be mounted in vertical or horizontal position. Besides, it only weighs 5 pounds so you don’t need two persons to install it. The reliability of this product is covered by a 5 years warranty.

Bosch Tronic line of heaters comes in different sizes but they all can be mounted on the wall or under the sink. The US3, US7, US9, and US12. The kW input on the high side is 3.4, 7.2, 9.5, and 12 while the low setting is 3.4, 3.6, 4.75 and 12. The minimum wire size is 10AWG for the heater of size US3 and US7, and for the US9 and US12 model; the minimum size is 8AWG and 6AWG respectively. And due to its lack of tank you don’t need to worry about a pressure relief valve. With 98% of thermal efficiency you can heat your water at the temperature you want as seen in this bosch tronic 3000t review.

The tankless version of The Bosch Tronic 3000 electric heat water can be used in several places, like pool houses, RVs, boats, garages, trailers, bathrooms, kitchens, attic, utility rooms, laundry rooms, etc. It’s Energy Star certified. We recommend the use of a professional to install this appliance.

This heater is ideal for when it’s too difficult to obtain water at a sink which is located far from the central heating source. There are many solutions to this problems but they turn out to be very expensive, so the best solution is to install the Tronic 3000 from Bosch.

This types of tankless point-of-use heaters not only save you a lot of money from the purchase, but they’re also very good at saving energy, which translates into saving money. The Tronic 3000 It’s the ideal heater for when you don’t have a lot of space and any inch counts. This heater will save you a lot of space since you can put it almost anywhere.

Maintenance is very simple, the electricity power consumption is minimal and they require no other power source, like fuel. The water is heated directly from the sink, so you will have hot water almost instantly. This can be very useful in a lot of situations.

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