Front house doors are also called door systems since these come pre-hung in the frame and usually predrilled for a deadbolt and knob. Unless the replacement door is just part of a bigger renovation project, you might want your new door to have a similar size as that of your old one. The addition of sidelights or going for a bigger door might mean that you need to redo the door framing surrounding the door, the kind of job that you would want to entrust to the hands of a professional contractor. In general, home centers provide referral or installation services. You might also want to consider hiring a professional to install the door of the same size, that is, unless you happen to be a skilled carpenter yourself.

Ensure Safety for You and Your Whole Family 

It takes a high quality door lock if you want to deter home invasions and burglaries. Most crooks even kick in doors just so they can access inside. However, unless you have a hollow door, it is not the door itself that allows burglars in.

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Based on tests using a battering ram, it was revealed that there is very little difference among various door materials when it comes to strength. All materials eventually failed since the doorjamb split close to the strike plate of the lock. But, it was also discovered that beefed-up strike plates and locks can significantly improve the kick-in resistance of a door.

There are also other means for you to make your front door stronger. For example, you can use a reinforced metal box strike and a lock with deadbolt that is one inch long. You can use mounting screws that are 3 inches in length to let them lodge properly in the framing way past the door jamb.

Different Types of Front Doors and Front Door Materials to Choose From

Front house doors
Modern front house doors

As far as shopping for your new glass house doors is concerned, it only makes sense that you choose one that is energy efficient, durable, and safe at the same time. Your choice of front door depends on your needs, your house itself, and your budget. 

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