What Specific Door Style Do You Want?

The styles of front doors are as different as the architectural styles of houses. This means that whether you want a traditional panel door, a multi-light door, or a solid wooden door featuring an arched top, you can be sure to find something that suits your own taste and style. 

No matter what your chosen door style might be, there are three primary factors you should consider and these are style, security, and energy efficiency. Doors serve as the entry point yet only you, the members of your family, and your guests should be able to access it. The front door safety features are also very important. You must choose doors with features like unexposed hinges or special locks to make you feel secured and comfortable in your house.

Front door
Modern front door with modern color

A quality modern front door must also offer you protection from outside elements and keep you safe from the heat and cold of the great outdoors. If your top priority for a new door is security, you might want to stay away from doors that feature lights on the side or right in the door itself. However, if the foyer of your home is a bit dark, you can make things brighter with some sidelights. 

Residential door experts are well versed when it comes to the different style options so don’t think twice about asking them for some advice. 

Do Front Doors Come with Warranty?

The lengths and types of warranties can differ among installers and door manufacturers so be sure that you ask around first regarding the options for warranty prior to making your final decision. 

Inotherm Inosmart – An intelligent door opening system that ensures safety and comfort

A warranty can cover the costs of different issues and could also last for several years and for as long as your home stands. Modern front door installation is not a cheap process and a good warranty will save you from the need to spend more for unexpected issues in the future. 

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