The rear handle of Husqvarna 445 chainsaw has a hand guard, throttle triger and throttle lockout switch at the top, but unlike other saws, this Husqvarna 445 doesn’t have a rubberized grip, so you should use gloves for protection against vibration.There’s a half-wrap style front handle and a left-hand guard that acts as a chian brake.

There’s a combined start and stop switch on the left side of the saw and as it names suggests, it can be used to start and turn off the saw.

The fuel oil capi s at the rear of the Husqvarna 445 in front of the handle and the oil cap to the front of the half-wrap frond handle. Both caps have tethers (that can be removed to drain the saw) which keep the caps attached to the saw when filling with chain oil and fuel. You will also find the pull cord and an air-purge primer bulb used during the starting process at the left side of the tool.

The chain tensioning screw is positioned on the clutch cover, and this clutch cover (positioned at the right side of the saw) can be removed by unscrewing a single bolt with a multi-purpose tool.

The top cover can easily be removed. It has three catches that can be snapped open with the multi-purpose tool, and help to provide quick access to the engine as seen in this Husqvarna 445 chainsaw review. This is specially convenient when you need to replace the spark plug and clean the air filter. This filter is made from felt and can be removed by simply snapping open a release bar. There’s also a cutting line on top of the power head unit which helps to lining up your cuts when cutting and felling.

There are some bucking spikes on the front of the tool that help to keep it stable during cutting and act as a safety feature, and there’s a muffler on the front of the power head unit to diminish noise levels and direct fumes away from the user, and there are several oscillation springs on the powerhead unit to dampen the vibration of the handles, preventing the user fatigue consequently.

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