Disliking your career can be almost as bad as being unemployed. In either scenario it may be time to look for a change. Hospitality and tourism management offers employment options such as becoming a restaurant manager. The best job posting sites can help you find a new career that suits you. Transition is always daunting but if you’re facing 50 and looking for a new career, why not consider being a restaurant general manager?

There are a few ways to find a job that provides you with a change of pace – you can look into options yourself, work with a coach, or go through a recruitment agency. Unfortunately a job won’t just present itself to you! There are some points that should be considered when deciding on a new career.

Finding the Right Job Site

If you have a restaurant or other hospitality job in mind then the best job posting sites for you will be ones which have a niche focus. Depending on what you want, it is wise to keep an eye on different areas. For instance, if you want a short-term option to see if this is the right choice then a temp job or part-time placement from a public job board is a good way to test the waters. If you’re seeking more permanence at this stage of your life, then recruitment agencies are the better choice. Recruiters can help you to find a job that will provide financial stability for the next decade or so of your working life. Recruitment agencies get to see jobs before applicants do and so they have better access to employment opportunities than just doing it yourself.

How Realistic is Relocation?

Jobs are there for those who are willing to move to get them. If you are in your 50’s then it is likely that any children you may have are already out of the nest. This might be the perfect chance to get to see another corner of the country, or even the world. Recruiters can find a steady job in another area and they will help to make the relocation process as smooth as possible. Working with a recruiter ensures that this kind of opportunity is legitimate. If you choose to go through the classified ads that can be a risky approach to finding a job in another location, as there is no guarantee the employment will be permanent. If you are going to uproot your life at your age, of course you want to have all the insurance possible that it will be for the best.

Use Your Age as an Advantage

Many restaurants and other businesses want someone with an experienced eye. Even if this is a new career for you, you still have all the beneficial experience that comes along with being a mature adult. There are many job opportunities for those in the 50+ age range. This is because older employees are more likely to be loyal to a job and will not move on without warning. This is a major benefit on your part and you should make sure that your resume advertises this fact. Market yourself as an older worker who is in for the long haul and you will be sure to have success in the job search. Stability is appealing to recruiters, as is a rich employment history.

If you wish to enter hospitality and tourism management as a restaurant manager, be aware of your potential and use your life experience as an advantage. The best job posting sites and recruitment agencies will have something to suit the needs of anyone in their 50’s who wants to find a new career.

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