Iran’s Incoming President Vows Tough Line on Missiles and Militias

Iran’s newly chosen president, in his first news conference, on Monday rejected the United States’ push for a broader deal with the Islamic Republic that would restrict its ballistic missiles program and curb its regional military policies in addition to containing its nuclear program.

President-elect Ebrahim Raisi, a conservative cleric, said that Iran’s ballistic missiles and its regional policies were “nonnegotiable” and that he would not meet with President Biden. He called on the United States to comply with a 2015 accord in which Iran agreed to limit its nuclear program in return for the lifting of economic sanctions against

Vote For Fashion Bombshell of the Week: Will it be Symone from New York Cherisse from Wisconsin or Tia from Alabama

Hey Bombshells! Each week we highlight Fashion Bomb Daily Readers in a feature we call Fashion Bombshell of the Day and now we want to hear from you. Vote on who you think should be crowned Fashion Bombshell of the Week. Here are contenders:

Symone from New York

When asked to describe her style she says, “My style is unpredictable, fun, edgy, and classic. Fashion is multi-faceted and I make it a goal of mine to show just that!”

Cherisse from Wisconsin

Cherise’s style is eclectic with inspiration from all genres. Classic, conservative, and fun with a little bit of …

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Life on the Lagoon: The Women of Venice Discover Boating

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