The world of accessories for mobile phones is full of an infinity of elements created to facilitate the use of them, to add some design and color to the equipment or to protect it from the most common damages.
Every day they develop new ideas on this topic, so the most common problems that were had when using a mobile phone have practically disappeared completely, because for every need there seems to be more than one solution.


What is a PopSocket and why is so popular as a gift?

There is currently an accessory that has generated great demand from users, that may be because everyone wants to have a PopSocket for their phones. That is the main reason, why PopSocket is also one of the best gifts for phone users at this moment.

A PopSocket is a very small accessory that attaches to the back of the mobile phone through a special glue, this small folding cylinder has the property of opening when used and remain practically flat when it is no longer needed. A PopSocket can stick directly on the phone or on the mobile phone cover.


This invention has generated great reception in all the users of mobile telephones since it was designed to have a firm grip of the equipment, avoiding that it slips of the hands and suffers some damage by falls. The cylinder has an ideal size so that the user can place their fingers to hold the phone efficiently.

The PopSocket has a design that combines with any type of mobile, the truth is quite good, and in addition to this has a variety of patterns and colors so that they can be combined according to the user’s preference.

How does using a PopSocket help?

Although in the beginning the idea of ​​creating this piece so revolutionary arose from the need to prevent teams from falling from the hands of their users, over time many more uses were discovered that made the experience of having a mobile phone much easier.

  • Avoid blows and falls

    This is its main use, we know that there are a lot of phones whose presentations are quite large, and in this way some users must even use both hands to hold them, since with one they slip or fall to the ground, the use of PopSocket avoids these situations.

  • Improves the experience of taking selfies

    For many it is very difficult to take a selfie, since when you reach the shutter button, compromise the quality of the photo, and also run the risk of the phone falling, but if you stick a PopSocket to the mobile, these problems will end immediately, since you can hold it even with your hand completely open, which previously seemed impossible.

  • It has another built-in accessory

    The PopSocket always comes with a faithful companion, this is the PopClip, this is simply a small piece made for the PopSocket to fit perfectly in it, the particularity of the piece is that it can be stuck anywhere or surface that you need. In this way you will be able to use the mobile without having to occupy your hands. Still not sure this can be the perfect gift for your friend?

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