Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to be indicted on bribery charges pending hearing

In a long-awaited decision, Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced on Thursday that he intends to officially charge Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu with crimes related to corruption.

The attorney general plans to indict the prime minister on bribery, fraud, and breach of trust, charges related to three different corruption cases, the Israeli news outlet Haaretz reported. The indictment is pending the results of a hearing and is not final.

Israeli police recommended three times last year that Netanyahu be indicted on corruption charges — so Mandelblit’s decision didn’t come as a complete surprise. But it’s still pretty …

Is PopSocket the best invention for mobile phones?

The world of accessories for mobile phones is full of an infinity of elements created to facilitate the use of them, to add some design and color to the equipment or to protect it from the most common damages.
Every day they develop new ideas on this topic, so the most common problems that were had when using a mobile phone have practically disappeared completely, because for every need there seems to be more than one solution.…

Read the full transcript of Trump’s North Korea summit press conference in Vietnam

On February 28, President Donald Trump held a press conference with hundreds of reporters in Hanoi, Vietnam, after his historic discussions with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ended without a deal.

During the 35-minute session, he detailed why he didn’t make an agreement with the dictator, why he’s still hopeful they can strike an accord in the future, and even discussed major world events, like the current escalation between India and Pakistan. But mainly, Trump defended why he felt it was right not sign a pact with Kim — at least for now.

“Basically they wanted the sanctions lifted …