The transparent lipstick

Let’s start with the timeless classics: a sheer lipstick is a good choice if your lips are dry for any reason (lack of moisture, weather conditions etc.). The sheer veil it releases can moisturize your lips but also provide a lot of shine and a bit of gloss.

This will make it a lipstick that, despite not coloring, allows you to make out the contours of your lips just fine. For some reason though, sheer lipsticks tend to darken the natural color of the lips once worn. Let’s move on to satin lipstick.

Sheer and satin lipsticks are very similar and are often used interchangeably.

Satin lipstick

Satin lipstick is great for preserving the natural moisture of the lips and giving a very glossy look. One of the essential things to remember about satin lipstick is that it has a high oil content.

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Sometimes high oil lipsticks need to be applied more often than other types of lipstick. It can be worn during the day, but because of the strong shine it becomes a great choice for a special occasion or evening wear.

Cream Lipstick

The cream lipstick is slightly different from the first two options on this list of ours.

The cream has a much thinner, low-gloss look compared to common glosses. Also, it is not shiny, but it will give a very nice and smooth effect on the lips.

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Cream lipsticks don’t do much from a moisturizing standpoint, but they can protect your lips from pollution and dust. These are products that are fashionable and can be bought in many different styles at

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