Lip pencils are handy allies for plumping up your lips. Simply outline your lips with a pencil in the same color as your lipstick, accentuating the contours in a light, natural way by no more than three to four millimetres. It’s a simple trick but very effective.

Start with the lower lip before moving on to the upper lip. Pay close attention to symmetry and follow the cupid’s bow closely! Then, lightly blur the contours to ensure that the line looks natural and then move on to fill in the inside of the line with lipstick. If you want to enhance the plumped effect, add a touch of lip gloss to the center of your lips on top of the lipstick and you’re all set! For best results, apply a thin layer of foundation or concealer to lips before applying color.

Lip pencils to make lipstick last

Here’s the secret of professional makeup artists: in addition to using a lip pencil to smooth out lip color, you can use it as a base to maximize the staying power of your lipstick. The powdery consistency of the liner holds pigments and keeps your lipstick from melting into the fine lines and corners of your mouth. Choose a lip pencil that’s the same color as your lipstick and apply it in a cross-hatch pattern all over your lips before you even apply your lipstick.

Lip pencil Wib
Lip pencil Wibo – Automatic Liner

Lip pencils to avoid lipstick smudges

There’s nothing worse than lipstick smudging in the fine lines around your mouth. Once again, a lip pencil can save the day. Thanks to its texture, it acts as a barrier for your lipstick or gloss, preventing it from smudging.

My favorite morphe lip pencils

Of course, having well moisturized lips will make your lipstick last longer, while applying powder to your lips before applying makeup will help keep your lipstick in place and prevent it from sliding around.

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