Keep Your Contacts Off Your Mouth 

This may sound funny but whether you believe it or not, there are actually a lot of people who do this. They put it in the mouth for the purpose of lubricating it. There are numerous bacteria in the mouth that may end up infecting your eyes when you put your contacts on again. To play things safe, be sure to carry around an extra pair of dailies or an emergency pair of glasses.

Avoid Water Exposure 

All sources of water, whether it is lake, pool, or tap water, can easily change the shape of your daily contact lenses that can lead to micro-abrasions on the cornea of your eyes. The water may also contain bacteria that could compromise the health of your eyes and make you suffer from temporary loss of vision or worse, even permanent blindness. 

Daily contact lenses
Daily contact lenses can not be exposed to water

Don’t forget to wear waterproof goggles if ever you need to get into the water while your contacts are on. Should water get on your contact lenses, throw away the lenses and get a new pair. Chemicals such as chlorine will bind to the lens when your contacts are exposed to them and you won’t be able to clean them off. These chemicals can leech on your cornea and lead to irritation. 

Don’t Insert Contacts in Your Eyes After Dropping

One of the advantages of daily disposable lenses is the fact that these are cheaper per lenses compared to other kinds of contacts. This means that you ever dropped a lens on the floor or on the sink, don’t bother putting it back on your eye if you don’t want to compromise your eye health.

How to Get a Stuck Contact Lens Out | Eye Doctor Explains

Say No Makeup on Contacts 

Be sure to wear your contacts before you apply your makeup. Having residues of makeup on your hands like mascara may end up transferring to your lenses. 

However, it is actually common for some people to get mascara, eyeliner or concealer on their daily Adrialenti contact lenses. When this happens, remove your lenses right away and use a solution to clean them. If not, you can replace them with a new pair. You might also want to avoid using waterproof makeup products because most of the time, these are not removable from your contacts even if you rinse them with a solution. 

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