The rise to success of this company and the point at which it has arrived is admirable. NYX started as a brand reserved for beauty professionals, among whom it was particularly famous for its long-lasting products. The general public was immediately won over a few years later by its famous jumbo eye and lip pencils: a must-have that cost just $1.99 apiece.

NYX cosmetics lipstick
NYX cosmetics lipstick

The great merit of NYX cosmetics was to have done it on its own, even in research and development. However, the marketing side has not been outdone: low prices and targeted campaigns involving famous vloggers have meant that despite the economic crisis in 2014, earned more than $ 500 million. 

NYX Cosmetics started as a jumbo pencil company but now boasts hundreds of top-rated products worldwide, from lip products to hand care. The most significant advantage that we can read on the various online reviews left on the site is undoubtedly the quality/price ratio. What we read most is that these are professional products sold at department store prices. It is true.

The NYX cosmetics and their prices

In its wide range intended for the European market, we see that the most expensive product is a palette with over 50 colors that do not exceed 70€. Other well-known cosmetic brands allow the purchase of eye kits or lip kits with no more than three items for the same amount.

A significant difference indeed. Most of the products do not exceed € 10 and, both online and from specialized retailers, there are often convenient offers for the purchase of several products at once. Obviously, as the quality is high, we can’t compare these PinkPanda cosmetics to pharmaceutical ones. Still, we know that a test of tolerance to the composition wouldn’t cost us more than 10€.

What are the products of NYX Cosmetics?

NYX cosmetics are for the lips: lip gloss, liner, and lipstick, available in pencil or liquid form.

For the face: there are blushes, bronzers, concealers, foundations, contouring palettes, primers, and fixers. The concealer and base come in twelve different colors, one for each skin tone.

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