Vote for Fashion Bombshell of the Week: Will it be Kristin from LA Ama from London or Cydney from Pittsburgh

Hey Bombshells! Vote for who you think she be Fashion Bombshell of the Week. Here are our contenders.

Opening the week was Kristin from LA. When asked to describe her style Kristin says she is Trendy, Sexy and Conservative. 

Next up is Ama from London. Her style is chic, polished and a bit flirty. Whether she’s rocking a neutral monochromatic look, a pop of color, or muted hues, this Bombshell screams sophistication. 

Last but not least is Cydney from Pittsburgh. She says, “I truly believe anyone can make a good $7,000 outfit look amazing, but the real skill is in

Aid Trickles to Quake-Ravaged Haitians as Storm Threatens

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — The houses collapsed, the hospitals were damaged, the roads buckled or turned impassable. But it was the earthquake’s destruction of churches across Haiti’s southern peninsula that may prove the biggest gut punch to the roughly 1.5 million people affected.  

For many Haitians, their only source of aid throughout their lives, in the absence of strong government institutions, has been the church, a part of Haiti’s landscape since the era of European colonialism and slavery.

Many churches lay in ruins after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake on Saturday morning, which wrecked thousands of buildings and left entire towns

How Parents Can Get Alone Time

If you are asking for alone time in the reactionary way, Dr. Talib said, you can be specific about what you’re stressed about — a change at work or feeling overwhelmed by tasks at home — and be clear that that’s why you need time to clear your mind on your own. There’s also a difference between being alone and being lonely, she said, and that nuance is worth talking about with kids.

2. Alone time should be part of your family’s routine. Remember those godforsaken color-coded charts from the early Covid days? All the family dinners? “We talked about …