Promotional gifts sometimes may prove to be a good deal. For many people, when they hear promotional products, all they think is that pen that never writes or the keychain they barely use. Sometimes, budget constraints may force us to opt for promotional products for gifts. In some other instances, maybe we want to pull a shrewd deal and prove low cost does not necessarily mean low quality.

Promotional products

Importance of Gifts

Regardless of the budgetary restrictions, promotional products are worth spending money on. Because one, they have positive impressions in the client’s eyes and second, 52% of people who receives promotional gifts go on and do business with the promoter. That is according to research conducted by PPAI. Also, using promos comes with low-cost impressions. If nothing, at least this last statistic should sway the balance in favor of promotional products if you were still undecided.

Promotional products

For promotional gifts (for example PopSocket or bluetooth headphones), you don’t need to worry about budget restrictions. Applying cost-effective mode on promotional products you will be dead sure to save your department money, while at the same time boosting your marketing strategy.

A Collection of Low-Cost Promotional Gifts

  1. Branded Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

    This item is one of the products everyone has probably used. It is quite inexpensive and can be used to wipe off the computer, tablet and smartphone screens. It can also be used to clean office glasses.

  2. Custom Satin Stylus Pen

    Stylus pens are growing in popularity very fast and are loved by many office staff. This pen is simply a ballpoint pen that features a stylus on top. It comes at the cost of $0.65 each. There are few promotional products that can beat this price.

  3. Promotional Kickstand Smart Wallet

    This is one of the most cost-effective phone stands you will ever find. It is made of a silicone pouch featuring a kickstand that sticks to your smartphone to prop it up. This product can be enjoyed by anyone.

  4. Sanitizer

    One of the best giveaways for virtually all events, more so trades shows and conferences, an event that involve many handshakes. You can get this priceless gift to your customers or clients by encouraging them to stay healthy.

  5. Collapsible Koozie Can Kooler

    Koozies are the perfect promotional product for outdoor activities. In addition, they are timeless and also cheap. It can be imprinted in arrays of colors. This product can be handed to employees during company picnics as a branded accessory.

  6. Personalized Nylon Drawstring Backpack

    These versatile products are can be used in many ways. They have a starting price of shockingly $2! These promotional products are a perfect fit for tight-budget marketers.

  7. Metal Key Tag with Bottle Opener

    As the product name suggests, it is more than the just a key opener. It also serves as a bottle opener! The multi-use aspect of this product is sure bet to impress your clients.

  8. Mints

    Company event around the corner? Try the flip top mint dispenser, as this product is quite proper to give away for any sort of event.

In conclusion, people feel appreciated when recognized with gifts. This article has reviewed a total of inexpensive promotional gift you may opt for.

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