While some states try to ban abortion, these states are expanding access

When an abortion law makes headlines in 2019, it’s usually as a ban.

Aggressive abortion restrictions have passed in numerous states in recent months, with some banning the procedure at six weeks or even earlier.

But this week, Maine Democratic Gov. Janet Mills signed into law a bill that will actually expand abortion access in the state by allowing nurse practitioners and physician assistants, not just doctors, to perform the procedure. As clinics in other states are at risk of closing, the Maine law will increase the number of clinics able to perform abortions.

Maine’s law is part of a …

Twitter’s co-founder yearns for the time when bloggers couldn’t get instant feedback

Ev Williams, CEO of the publishing platform Medium, may be best known for co-founding social media giant Twitter. But he sometimes misses simpler times on the internet, when people didn’t seek out instant retweets, “Likes,” and comments.

“Part of the beautiful thing about blogging was you were always looking for feedback but you didn’t get it as momentarily — things could marinate,” said Williams, who was speaking onstage at Code Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Tuesday with Vox founder and editor-at-large Ezra Klein. “Now, there’s an addiction to short-term feedback that is detrimental sometimes to thought.”

Williams, who is now …