The UK government’s own assessment of what a no-deal Brexit looks like is dire

Waits of up to 2.5 days at border crossings, delays in the arrival of medicines, decrease in the supply of fresh food, disruptions to financial services, potential fuel shortages — these are just some of the “reasonable worst-case” scenarios if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without a Brexit deal on October 31.

And that’s not according to Brexit opponents. That’s according to the UK government’s own planning documents.

The government’s conclusions are laid out in a report dubbed “Operation Yellowhammer,” which was officially made public on Wednesday.

Details of Operation Yellowhammer leaked earlier this summer. But on …

World Travel- Travelling the Planet Earth

Another revolution impacted the world travel tremendously by making advances to the modes of transportation. The Industrial Revolution totally changed the outlook of the Travelling history.  For about 200 years the world travels were the privilege of the wealthy. However, the industry developed and the possibility of domestic and international tours raised for the ones who stood low on the social ladder. In the modern world, there is huge tourism across the globe.…

Republicans hold on to a North Carolina congressional seat plagued by election fraud

Dan Bishop, a North Carolina Republican known for writing the state’s controversial “bathroom bill,” narrowly beat out Democrat Dan McCready to win a House seat in the state’s Ninth Congressional District, according to Decision Desk HQ.

His victory comes in the wake of a massive scandal that plagued the district’s election last fall, and suggests that Republicans still have a lot to worry about in 2020.

North Carolina’s Ninth is, after all, a staunchly conservative district that’s been electing Republicans since the 1960s, and one President Donald Trump won by 12 points in 2016. Bishop’s win should have …