Another revolution impacted the world travel tremendously by making advances to the modes of transportation. The Industrial Revolution totally changed the outlook of the Travelling history.  For about 200 years the world travels were the privilege of the wealthy. However, the industry developed and the possibility of domestic and international tours raised for the ones who stood low on the social ladder. In the modern world, there is huge tourism across the globe.

Leisure world travel
Hstory of world travel

The Motives of the World Travel

Transportation means are fabulously and amazingly modernized and now, neither the oceans nor the mountains can stop men from Travelling. The Romans were the first to develop road structure at the massive level and for the long distance. Today there are roads, railway tracks for the terrestrial Travelling.

They are built by cutting through the mountain hearts and they are undergrounded in populated cities, in the rivers and at points in the seas too. The huge ships have replaced the sailboats and the airplanes gave wings to the man. The irrepressible urge of Travelling is facilitated enough to make the planet a global village. To further facilitate the world travels Englishman Thomas Cook set the cornerstone of the travel agencies in the 1840s. Now people travel for many different reasons. Few ancient and Modern motives of world travel are discussed here.

Broaden the Vision

In Romans’ and Greeks’ times, it was usually thought that “Travel Broadens the mind”. So, it was a totally elite privilege to travel across the world (Niagara Falls). The aristocrats of Europeans the Nobles of Asia were supposed to make world travel to broaden their vision.

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