Facebook’s latest ripoff product is a Zoom clone called “Rooms”

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Facebook is rolling out its own video conferencing service called Messenger Rooms. The chat tool looks and works a lot like the popular (but troubled) video chat app Zoom. You might even say Facebook ripped off all of the good features that made Zoom so successful while dumping the ones that made it so controversial. Facebook does this all the time.

Like many other apps, Messenger Rooms lets multiple people video chat at the same time. Rooms allows for up to 50 people to join, which is more than the 32 people that can FaceTime simultaneously and less …

Could contact tracing bring the US out of lockdown?

South Korea and the United States reported their first cases of Covid-19 on the same day. Yet while most Americans remain under stay-at-home orders, many in South Korea are doing what seems unthinkable in the US — returning to their offices.

South Korea has often been touted as rolling out one of the best national responses to the coronavirus, and the country’s approach has been comprehensive. All passengers that arrive at Incheon Airport — South Korea’s hub for international flights — receive mandatory temperature checks and must download the country’s coronavirus app, where they report any changes in …

FreedomWorks is supporting the anti-shutdown protests — and applying for government funding

FreedomWorks, a conservative-leaning organization best known for its support of the Tea Party movement and its longtime opposition to government bailouts, has applied for a Small Business Administration loan through the Paycheck Protection Program, Congress’s emergency response to the economic downturn.

The loan is to support the group’s foundation arm.

As first reported in the New York Times, nonprofit groups are permitted to apply for SBA loans intended to prop up struggling businesses in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Those nonprofit groups include the FreedomWorks Foundation. The Times quoted FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon as saying, “I would …

NYX Professional Makeup Bestsellers

It is a bit tricky to recommend concealers to others because they work for some but not for others. Gotcha Covered Concealer from NYX professional makeup has a much thicker consistency compared to what you might have been used to. But the good news is that it doesn’t feel too heavy on your skin.
Keeping up with the dupes trend of the brand, many people hail this conceal as the best dupe for Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer due to its coverage and formula.

Since coconut oil has been added to its formulation, this is not recommended for people with …

Recipe queen Alison Roman’s popularity, explained by Alison Roman 

The hottest food trend in the US right now is whatever Alison Roman recipe you’re making at home. Chances are, it’s probably the Pasta (a.k.a. the Caramelized Shallot Pasta), the standout dish that has become synonymous with both quarantine-enforced home cooking and the internet’s favorite food writer.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing measures it enforced, there’s been a surging interest in Roman’s recipes. The former pastry chef at Momofuku Milk Bar and current New York Times columnist and Bon Appétit contributor has become beloved for her dishes that sit directly at the axis …

Georgia’s unusual unemployment benefits rule lets some workers fall through the cracks

If you’re a furloughed employee collecting unemployment, you have to submit a weekly claim for your benefits. Except in Georgia.

Georgia requires employers — not the employees themselves — to file for unemployment every week for workers who have been furloughed or had their hours partially reduced, according to a recent emergency rule adopted by the Georgia Department of Labor.

While Georgia’s new rule applies to temporarily laid-off employees, rather than permanently laid-off ones, it has still impacted the vast majority of people in the state filing for unemployment, about 75 percent. The rule change was intended to streamline …