Facebook’s new label on a Trump post is an “abject failure,” says a Biden campaign spokesperson

On Tuesday, Facebook finally labeled President Trump’s misleading posts about voting — but it’s not the fact-check that people have been asking for.

Instead, the social media platform is enforcing a new policy to add a link to official voting information any time a Facebook user — whether an everyday user or a prominent politician — posts anything about voting in the US. Democratic party leaders, including a Biden campaign spokesperson, have sharply criticized the move, arguing that it’s too little, too late.

That’s because Facebook is adding the label to posts about voting regardless of whether they share …

What Alexander Hamilton has to do with the EU’s $850 billion coronavirus stimulus plan

Facing a potentially ruinous recession caused by the coronavirus, the European Union seemingly drew inspiration from an unlikely figure: Alexander Hamilton.

Some of the political bloc’s biggest nations — France, Italy, and Spain — are projected to contract by around 10 percent this year alone. That means widespread job losses, the decimation of industries, hungry families, and millions perhaps more vulnerable to Covid-19.

To stave off such a calamity, the EU’s 27 leaders have for the last five days been haggling over the contours of a rescue package. Early on Tuesday morning in Brussels, they announced a dramatic deal

Trump is using the census to undermine immigrants’ political power

President Donald Trump issued a memorandum on Tuesday aiming to exclude unauthorized immigrants living in the US from census population counts for the purposes of redrawing congressional districts — a transparent bid to erode their political power and that of their communities.

States currently draw congressional districts, determining the areas that each elected official represents based on total population, including unauthorized immigrants. Current maps are due to be redrawn across the country in 2021 after the results of the 2020 census come in, and the stakes are high: Each redistricting has a lasting influence on who is likely to win …

“The jobs aren’t there”: Why cutting off enhanced unemployment benefits would leave workers in the lurch

Expanded unemployment insurance is scheduled to expire later this month — a development that could have dire consequences for millions of workers who still don’t have jobs to go back to.

“I am still furloughed and if the Senate does not extend the expanded weekly amount, I won’t be able to pay my rent or bills,” says Amy Muller, a teacher based in California, who’s been receiving unemployment insurance since this spring.

Republicans in Congress have argued that enhanced unemployment insurance (UI) deters people from going back to work. But as Muller’s situation illustrates, many don’t have jobs they can …