The March on Washington 2020, explained

On the granite steps of the Lincoln Memorial are carved two footprints. An inscription notes this spot was where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech in front of thousands on August 28, 1963.

On Friday, amid a summer of protest against systemic racism and police violence, remarks will again be delivered from that same place by those speaking out against state violence.

Dubbed “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks,” the 2020 March on Washington is expected to draw 50,000 protesters from around the country. It was announced by Rev. Al Sharpton during the June funeral …

Business Gifts – What You Need to Know About Them and About Gifting 

Giving business gifts is a very serious business that you cannot just take for granted. As an integral aspect of your marketing campaign, this helps improve and solidify crucial relationships and is also a cost-effective way to recognize activities beneficial for your business. There are a few things you need to know about business gifts and gifting as a whole. 

Rapid $1 Covid-19 tests exist. Why can’t we get them?

To get the US pandemic under control, a growing number of health and medical experts are making a clarion call for an additional testing approach to Covid-19.

What we need, they argue, are at-home rapid tests that look for antigens, proteins the live virus makes. These kits would allow anyone to test themselves for the coronavirus any time (and anywhere) for between $1 and $5, and get results in about 15 minutes. No doctors, labs, expensive machines, or special chemicals required.

“I see these [antigen] tests as a solution that’s literally sitting in front of us,” says Michael

A nation of immigrants no more

On the campaign trail in August 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump departed from his typical stump speech to give an uncharacteristically detailed address in Phoenix that would define his immigration agenda for the next four years.

His thesis was simple: The US immigration system was broken in a way that served “the needs of wealthy donors, political activists, and powerful politicians,” Trump told the crowd. “Let me tell you who it doesn’t serve. It doesn’t serve you, the American people.”

He proceeded to describe, in laundry-list fashion, how he would reinvent the immigration system for what he said was the benefit …

The most shocking line in Vice President Pence’s 2020 RNC speech 

Across all three nights of the Republican National Convention so far, speakers returned to a single theme: In American cities, at least according to these speakers, protesters hostile to the police are rioting and crime is skyrocketing — and if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is elected, this will be the future.

As Vice President Mike Pence put it during his keynote speech on Wednesday, “in the midst of this global pandemic … we’ve seen violence and chaos in the streets of our major cities.”

Pence’s speech highlighted a single law enforcement officer, strongly implying that this officer was the …

2 winners and 3 losers from the third night of the Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention’s third night was a relatively subdued affair, with canned speeches and little star power.

Vice President Mike Pence was the headliner, and gave a generic speech defending Trump’s record that did little to set him apart from the pack of ambitious Republicans eyeing the next presidential nomination.

Pence’s address at least had the advantage of being delivered live, so it could reference the oncoming hurricane about to hit the Louisiana coast. The rest of the addresses were pretaped, though, and the lack of references to Hurricane Laura or to the murders in Kenosha, Wisconsin, stood out …