Your Thursday Briefing

Good morning.

We’re covering a bank account in China tied to President Trump, war fever in Azerbaijan and the release of a Chinese soldier who crossed into India to help herdsmen searching for lost yaks.

our investigative reporters have found a bank account there in his name.

China is one of only three foreign countries — the others are Britain and Ireland — where Mr. Trump maintains a bank account, according to his tax records, which were obtained by The New York Times.

The foreign accounts are held under corporate names and the identities of the financial institutions are

History of Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions in the 16th Century 

It was not a secret that Queen Elizabeth I loved height-enhancing wigs and hair pieces. In fact, it was assumed that the queen owned over 80 pieces. Being England’s first ever reigning queen, she had easy access to all of the newest fashions as well as the priciest materials. She even had indisputable influence on the fashion trends of the century. Elaborate hair pieces in became the range during Elizabethan England but were only affordable and accessible to the aristocracy and courtiers.…

Jean-Claude Van Damme Helped Save a Puppy

Jean-Claude Van Damme has cracked the skulls and bones of bad guys, escaped from prison to find his dying brother and rescued a woman from a gang of thugs onscreen.

And this week, the action movie star helped save a puppy in real life.

Mr. Van Damme barreled into an international kerfuffle over a Chihuahua named Raya, who was in danger of being euthanized because, Norwegian officials said, she had entered the country on a fake Pet Passport.

Mr. Van Damme’s puppy crusade became a hit on social media. Apparently, amid a coronavirus pandemic that is roaring back just as