Quick Guide for Choosing Your Planter Pots

Concrete planter pots

Concrete is heavy and this makes concrete pots a good choice for containing trees or large plants that need more support for them to stay “contained.” Pots made from concrete also have good properties for insulation and keep the tender root systems protected through maintaining a more comfortable soil environment.…

Australia, ‘Hermit Nation’? Some Warn Against Another Year of Shut Borders.

MELBOURNE, Australia — When Australian officials announced last week that the country was unlikely to fully reopen its borders until mid-2022 because of the coronavirus, the backlash immediately began building.

Critics warned that Australia risked becoming a “hermit nation.” Members of the Australian diaspora who had been struggling to return home for months saw it as another blow. The announcement drew dire warnings from business, legal and academic leaders.

Polls show that keeping the borders shut is a popular idea. But the opposition sees political opportunism on the part of the government. Others predict that a continued policy of isolationism

If You Think You Know What a Fern Is, Think Again

If you want suggestions of ferns to use as ground cover in shady spots, where you are probably already growing some, Mobee Weinstein has a list for you. But many of her ideas about making room for ferns in your life are less expected — and even the ground-covering types she recommends may be unfamiliar.

How about an eight-inch-tall carpet of native oak fern (Gymnocarpium dryopteris), through which precious spring woodland wildflowers like trillium, Jack-in-the-pulpit or violets would be happy to pop?

Or you could try combining a trio of un-fernlike ferns in an impromptu seasonal water garden, assembled in