Oriol Bohigas, Groundbreaking Spanish Architect, Dies at 95

MADRID — Oriol Bohigas, a Spanish architect and urban planner who helped turn Barcelona, his home city, into one of the main tourism destinations of the Mediterranean, died on Nov. 30 at his home there. He was 95.

His death was confirmed by his son Josep Bohigas, who added that his father had had Parkinson’s disease for several years.

Working for Barcelona’s city government, Mr. Bohigas was one of the masterminds of the city’s overhaul in preparation for the 1992 Olympic Games, particularly the transformation of its seafront, which had become a derelict industrial area.

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Always Well Groomed

It’s easy to imagine how Ms. Maxwell could have beguiled those teenage girls of mostly modest backgrounds — appearing to them (initially) like a beneficent role model and arbiter of their potential to join the elite world she inhabited. You can hear this in the testimony of her accusers. Annie Farmer, the only witness to reveal her identity at trial, described Ms. Maxwell as a “trim, attractive woman” who gave her gifts, such as beauty products and cowboy boots. Ms. Farmer noted, too, that she “had a British accent and … was well spoken and articulate.”

The accuser known as …

Love Letter: An Unspoken Gesture of Love

Ross Showalter, the writer of this week’s Modern Love essay, who is deaf, spent the last nine years disappointed by suitors who promised to learn sign language but never followed through.

That all changed when he met Will, a man that not only made learning sign language a priority, but also helped Mr. Showalter discover that he deserved more than one-sided relationships built on empty promises.

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You Love That House, but Should You Write a Love Letter?

While housing discrimination is a real problem, Mr. Ortner said, “these letters convey accurate, truthful information that is helpful to the seller.”

The idea that they lead to discrimination “is speculation on speculation,” he added, noting that more often than not, the letters might convince a seller to go with a slightly lower offer if it came from a buyer “who will use and cherish a house.”

Work Advice on Avoiding Early Meetings and Bad Bosses

In terms of your interpersonal issues with Black women: You’re going to have to do the work of figuring out why you’ve had contentious relationships with the people you’ve worked with and what you can do to avoid that in the future. It will require rigorous self-reflection and being mindful of how you perceive and treat the Black women you work with. It is difficult to say what, specifically, you should do differently because I’m not entirely clear on what you’ve done in the past. The short answer is to do the opposite of what you did previously and to …

She Became a Fitness Guru During the Pandemic

Name: Lia Bartha

Age: 38

Hometown: Kailua, Hawaii

Currently Lives: A townhouse in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn with her husband, the actor Justin Bartha, two young daughters and a French bulldog.

Claim to Fame: Ms. Bartha is a trainer to the stars, helping celebs like Ashley Tisdale, Taye Diggs and Mr. Bartha (one of the stars of “The Hangover” film comedy franchise) achieve those six-packs. Ms. Bartha’s technique, which she calls B the Method, mostly uses one’s own body weight for low-impact exercises. “It gives you strength, mobility and a meditative state,” she said. “It’s like ASMR.”


The Verdict on the Elizabeth Holmes Trial Makeover

Some day, the three-month-long Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial will become fodder not just for the pundits of the tech world, but for historians looking back on how we got to here. It will be a case study in the use of clothing to affect opinion (public and judicial) and, if not to make friends, at least to influence people. Or try to.

When the verdict comes down, the transformation of the wunderkind founder of Theranos from black-clad genius to besuited milquetoast will be an integral part of the story. Did it work, or was it a seemingly transparent effort to

Relationships with Grandmothers (and God) Drew Them Closer

Aaron Jay Ledesma knew that Timothy-Keith Schau Earley would one day be his husband on their fourth date.

Mr. Earley, who goes by Tim, had cooked for Mr. Ledesma for the first time that evening, in June 2015, serving one of his specialties, shepherd’s pie. After dinner, the two snuggled on the couch with Mr. Earley’s mixed-breed dog, Sullivan, and shared their first kiss.

“I felt the safest I’d ever felt, and the most comfortable,” Mr. Ledesma said. “I knew it was exactly what I wanted my life to be.”

The couple met earlier that month on the dating app