The best tech gadgets we tested in 2021

Tech is an essential part of our everyday lives, but finding the right gadgets for your needs — whether it’s for working, staying fit or having fun — can be overwhelming. That’s why we spend countless hours rigorously testing the latest technology, from measuring how fast the top smartphones and laptops actually are to living with headphones and earbuds for weeks on end. We’ve tried out lots of great gadgets this year, but here are the ones that truly stood out in every category.


Best smartphone overall: iPhone 13 (starting at $699;

Apple’s iPhone has long been …

Signs You Need Replacement Size-accurate Rubber Mat

When the car mats are already too light and thin, these will end up slipping around. This can be very annoying since you need to adjust it again back to its original place or position. 

Slippery car mats may pose some danger to the driver since these might obstruct the accelerator, brake, or clutch once the car mat has slipped under the pedals when driving. This is why it is highly recommended to replace dangerous worn out car mats sooner than later.…

All the best home products we tested this year

CNN Underscored is constantly testing products — be it coffee makers or office chairs — to find the absolute best in each respective category.

Our testing process is rigorous, consisting of hours of research (consulting experts, reading editorial reviews and perusing user ratings) to find the top products in each category. Once we settle on a testing pool, we spend weeks — if not months — testing and retesting each product multiple times in real-world settings. All this in an effort to settle on the absolute best products.

This year, we tested hundreds of home products — from office furniture to vacuums …