Driving a train has always been an exciting and fascinating experience for the kids of any age. Traditionally, the train toys were created by these little engineers themselves, with their own DIY designs. Then came the traditional trains by multiple companies, and almost every play-area got embellished with these toys. Today, this industry has evolved tremendously, and there are thousands of designs in the stated vehicles and a lot more types of tracks with multiple settings, that can engage your drivers for an unlimited time. In the article we are going to reviews three top wooden train toymakers, to enable you to pick best for your kids.


BRIO is known for its most innovative train toys. They claim to have train toys suitable for 0-99 years old kids :). And they are not wrong in their claim.

BRIO Wooden trains
Wooden train BRIO

They have a huge exciting variety of wooden railway, with that, the little explorers can discover different track layouts in multiple geographical settings, such as tunnels, mountains, rivers, etc. Let’s have look at their wooden railways.

a. Classic Railway 

This is the very first wooden railway toy set that was launched in 1958. It has simple, but fascinating sets of tracks and trains, inspired by the traditional railways. The toys include Classic Freight Set, Classic Figure 8 Set, Classic Train, and the most engaging Classic Deluxe Set.

Brio’s wooden toys, Thomas’ companions, stations, parking lots, etc.

b. My First Railway

These wooden toys are designed for very young kids. They feature bright colors, harmless material, and simple arrangements. So, your very young train drivers can start their fascinating journey without any license now with BRIO My First Railway Sets.

c. Smart Tech

This range introduced by BRIO features integrated technology and ingenious designs, sounds, lights, actions, and settings to create a cause and effect chain reactions. In this exciting journey, a passing train awakens the farm animals; the broken passages provoke your kid to come up with a solution. This smart tech with soft but not smooth tracks and wooden details bears all the educational and entertaining qualities. 

d. Set and Accessories 

Brio offers Safari Adventure set, Life and Load Warehouse Set, Starter Life and Load Sets, and Smart Engine set and various others to give the kids ultimate experience. There separate tracks and joints that can make it into endless track designs. Here you can find different trains, wagons, and vehicles to create customized sets of your own.

2. Bigjigs Rails 

Bigjigs is known for its quality, nostalgic value and educational nature. It is one of the most extensive and diversified railway systems with 150+ wooden railway toys. The varied range contains tracks, trains, sets, and accessories based on numerous themes and settings. Let’s explore this world of railway toys for getting ultimate fun for the kids.

Bigjigs Wooden trains
Wooden train Bigjigs

a. Bigjigs Wooden Railway Themes

There are very exciting railway themes in the bucket of Bigjigs for your kids.the Black Steam engine, Pickett, Rocket Engine, Flying Scotsman, Black 5 Engine, EHLR Jack, RH and DR Typhoon, Gordon, Douches of Hamilton, Mallard, Green Arrow, Kent and East Sussex, Archibald Sinclair, and Bluebell are the most popular pieces in the Heritage theme.

Thomas And Friends Bigjigs Turntable And Waterfalls Galore!

The Fairy theme features 13 products including a pink battery operated engine, Princess Train, Flower Garden, Pink Rope Bridge, Dust Tree House, Lilypad Turntable, Pink Arched Bridge, Double Engine Shed, Tunnel, Magical Train Set, Figure 8 Set, and Fairy town train set. This Fairyland is the best railway setup for your princess.

Similarly, there is a Dinosaur Theme, which has the amazing T-Rex Tunnel, Ribcage Tunnel, Bronte Riser, and a complete Dinosaur Railway Set. Then in the Farm Theme, there are chick shed Tunnels, Windmills, Farm Bridge, Hay Barn, and complete farm train set. Fire and Rescue Theme goes with Mountain Rescues, Fire Station Shed, Fire Sea Rescue sets to help your kid grow as rescuer. Teach your kid the glory of the medical era with Medieval Theme Railway accessories.

The most favorite of the kids the Pirate Theme, has shipwreck bridges, skull caves, barrel drop, the pirate galleon, and pirate train sets. You can gift your kids the   Christmas Theme Wooden Railway Toys that include Santa Sleigh, Candy Crane, and Winter Wonderland Train Set. There are also Safari Theme, Construction Theme, and Mountain Theme. All these themes are interchangeable and inter-connectable that take your kid to the endless worlds of explorations. 

3. Janod

Janod has a limited but equally exciting Wooden Railway Collection. But you can make your own stories with these toys. The following are some exciting sets of wooden railway toys of feed by Janod.

a. The story Firefighter Train 

In addition to the Firefighter Story Box, this wooden trains rolls around the station to help your kid to rescue people. This train has 2 Firefighter, 4 magnetic rails, including one with a rotating and telescopic ladder.

Janod Giant Wood Circus Railway Toy Train Set

b. Story Circus Train

Ultimate the fun of your kid’s playland with this story circus train of four cars and one giraffe, heading towards the amazing world of circus. Your kids can add the story box circus for the perfect experience of this zone.

c. Story Farm Train

Combine the story bix farm with this farm wooden trains and develop the agricultural instinct if your kids with an urge of distribution and sharing of the yield with others. This train set has 4 cars and one cow.

d. Story Barnyard Baby Train

This can prove to be the first rail of your kid with four cars, boated by four barnyard animals. There are chics, a cow and a horse. The little driver can drive it anywhere with the cotton string.

e. Story Safari Train

Let your kid enter the Safari land with this beautiful safari wooden train. This train is composed of 4 magnetic rails and two animals. These animals are an elephant and a crocodile. Add mini-story safari and make him love his railway journey.


Although it is always tough to choose from this beautiful collection of toys. But for us the best collection is by BRIO, which is unmatched in the world of wooden railway toys. It would add extreme fun and colors to the play area of your kids.

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