Congress managed to agree on at least one thing: Avoiding a government shutdown

As lawmakers continue to argue over both coronavirus stimulus and a new Supreme Court nominee, Congress has managed to agree on at least one thing: avoiding a government shutdown.

The Senate on Wednesday passed a continuing resolution, or short-term bill, that will fund the government through December 11, just ahead of the annual fiscal year deadline that comes at the end of September. The legislation advanced 84-10, and will allow government agencies to continue using federal funds until Congress passes a full spending bill for the 2021 fiscal year that begins October 1. The House passed the measure 359-57 last …

The false hope of reopening is killing small businesses

Navy Pier is one of Chicago’s main attractions. Home to more than 70 businesses, the complex on the shore of Lake Michigan is normally filled with crowds on a summer day.

“Navy Pier is rocking, there’s people everywhere, there’s excitement, there’s fireworks, it’s a good time at Navy Pier,” said Stephanie Hart, the owner of Brown Sugar Bakery, which has two locations, one on the South Side of Chicago and the other at Navy Pier. This year, she says, “it just wasn’t the same.”

The pier shut down when the pandemic hit in March, and then reopened in June. According …

How the Show ‘Alone’ Sparked a Solo Trip and a Tough Realization

This article is part of a series on resilience in troubled times — what we can learn about it from history and personal experiences.

When I realized March wasn’t going to end like it started, I developed two obsessions. The first was drinking water out of an empty antique whiskey bottle. I liked the feel of the bottle in my hand and it stopped me from drinking actual whiskey in the middle of the day like I desperately wanted to.

The other was “Alone,” a History Channel-produced reality show in which 10 people are each left so utterly alone in

The Trump campaign spent months portraying Biden as senile. That might be a mistake.

Donald Trump has made it very clear of what he thinks about Joe Biden. In his speeches, “Sleepy Joe” Biden is barely coherent, a “dumb guy” who “doesn’t know where the hell he is.” In online advertising, the Trump campaign has repeatedly alleged that Biden is “too old and out of it” to be president.

And during a Tuesday appearance on Fox & Friends, Trump ally Rudy Giuliani excitedly shared his theory that Biden has dementia and will “get through” the debate thanks to drugs typically used to treat attention deficit disorder.

Meanwhile, some Trump allies are currently busying themselves …

For Hong Kong Protesters Caught at Sea, Trial in China Is Likely

HONG KONG — The 12 protesters who were caught fleeing Hong Kong in a speedboat last month have not been allowed to call their families. They have been denied bail and held without charge in a Chinese detention center. They have been barred from meeting rights lawyers appointed by their relatives.

Soon, they will face criminal charges related to their escape, and they are expected to do so in the mainland’s murky justice system.

In Hong Kong, they have become a potent reminder of the very same deep-seated anxiety that last year triggered large demonstrations and evolved into the most

With Fancy Footwork, a Dancer’s Home Doubles as a Studio

The one-bedroom co-op in Queens that Calvin Royal III shares with his partner, Jacek Mysinski, is not what you’d call expansive. Mr. Royal, who was recently elevated to principal at American Ballet Theater (the third Black dancer in A.B.T. history to achieve that rank), could surely make it from the front door to the balcony in a shade under a jeté.

But who’s complaining? Not Mr. Royal, who still feels the same quiet pleasure in the apartment — all 500 square feet — that he did when he bought it in 2014. “I was just excited to have a place

Myanmar’s virus restrictions keep journalists at home.

The strict stay-at-home order issued by Myanmar last week for its largest city, Yangon, barred residents from traveling from any of its 44 townships to another. There are some exceptions, such as for police officers, emergency workers and doctors.

But one group not given special status to cross township boundaries is the news media. That includes reporters, photojournalists and the drivers of newspaper delivery trucks. The exclusion prompted protests Monday from journalists and news vendors alike.

“How can we stay at home while we need to cover the news as video journalists?” said U Wai Yan, a correspondent with Xinhua,

American Could Face Prison in Thailand Over Negative Reviews of a Resort

An American man who lives in Thailand was unhappy that a resort hotel wanted to charge him a $15 corkage fee for bringing his own bottle of gin to the restaurant. He argued with a manager and then later did what has become second nature for disgruntled tourists: He posted negative reviews of the resort online.

The hotel, the Sea View Koh Chang resort on the island of Koh Chang, was equally unhappy with the guest and what it saw as his one-man campaign to damage its reputation. Unable to reach him or halt his posts on TripAdvisor, the resort

“The Meaning of Mariah Carey”: 7 Takeaways From Her Memoir

“I cried on my 18th birthday. I thought I was a failure because I didn’t have a record deal yet,” Mariah Carey writes in her memoir, “The Meaning of Mariah Carey,” which comes out on Tuesday. Now 50, the singer and songwriter has recorded 15 studio albums, including more No. 1 singles than any other solo artist. Here is what she tells readers in her new book.

“By the time I was a toddler, I had developed the instincts to sense when violence was coming,” Carey writes. “As though I was

Coronavirus Live Updates: World Approaches One Million Deaths

This briefing has ended. Read live coronavirus updates here.

stricter guidelines that the agency was preparing for the emergency authorization of coronavirus vaccines.

“Why would we do that?” he asked Margaret Brennan on the CBS program “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

Mr. Meadows said he was interested in the guidelines purely as a matter of quality control: “My challenge to the F.D.A. is just make sure it’s based on science and real numbers.”

The new guidelines under development would lay out more specific criteria for clinical trial data than the current

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