Trump Announces Sudan Will Move to Normalize Relations With Israel

WASHINGTON — President Trump announced on Friday that Israel and Sudan have opened economic ties as a pathway toward normalized relations, with Sudan becoming the third Arab state to formally set aside hostilities in recent weeks as the president looks to score a final foreign policy achievement ahead of the election.

The deal, however, appeared to stop short of establishing full diplomatic recognition between the two countries, as Israel recently has with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain — despite Mr. Trump’s description of it as a major agreement.

“HUGE win today for the United States and for peace in

Love Letter: Want to Find Love? Stop Dating

In the modern age of dating, where your next suitor could be just a swipe away, some singles have grown tired of the revolving door of dates. In this week’s Modern Love essay, Gregory Walters, a writer living in Vancouver, decided to take a more carefree approach. He suspended his accounts on traditional dating apps and created a profile on a hookup app in search of a fling. However, when he agreed to meet a man who had messaged him on the app, what he had hoped would start (and end) as a casual encounter soon grew to be much

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There’s only one presidential candidate who we know accepts money from foreign sources

During the presidential debate Thursday, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden argued that their opponent accepted money from foreign sources. But only one candidate is actually known to have done that: Donald Trump.

While president, Trump has continued to own his business, and through his hotels, clubs, and golf courses he’s accepted millions of dollars in payment from foreign entities. Indeed, Trump made more than $200 million in income from his foreign business interests since 2016, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Biden, meanwhile, insisted that “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my …