Category: Computer and Technology

Category: Computer and Technology

Phone Charger, the vital accessory for our phones

We have all acquired at least once in our lives a mobile phone and we know that there are some elements that are always present inside that small box that contains our equipment.

There are some accessories that act as phone accessories, and some become necessary long after you have made the purchase, however there is one that is always present, whatever the equipment, this is the Phone Charger.…

The Power Bank, the miraculous solution

The mobile phone was undoubtedly one of the best inventions in the world, since it is capable of moving everywhere and keeping everyone connected, wherever they are, this is quite good. But what happens when our phone is not sufficiently charged? As the same happens with any other electronic device, it stops and stops working.

But this undoubtedly has a solution, or at least this is what the creator of the invention thought that has facilitated the lives of millions of people. There is a team that currently has almost the same importance as a mobile phone, this is due …

What is a dedicated web server

A dedicated web server is a physical computer that allocates all its resources to provide information and meet the requests of another computer (client) that has contracted its services. Therefore, unlike a shared server, the dedicated works exclusively for a single client. There is a wide range of dedicated web servers to choose from for Internet accommodation.

By analogy, we could say that this kind of internet server is to a computer what a chalet in the mountain to its owner. Owner latter enjoys a house with no neighbors around it, in the same way that a computer that has …