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Big month for Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.: the guy got a new Rolex. And I guess there was that whole being-sworn-in-as-President thing. But the Rolex! The new piece first appeared on 46’s wrist while he was receiving the initial dose of the COVID vaccine, and it was there again this week during his inauguration. Some men have Dior Air Jordan 1s, others have new Rolex watches. At first blush, Biden’s choice is a bit perplexing. Consider that he was just elected President and there is an actual Rolex watch, the Day-Date, nicknamed the President—that one feels like a no-brainer. Instead, Biden’s new Rolex is the more entry-level Datejust model with a black dial. But this might be more advanced maneuvering by Biden. While it’s the Day-Date that now shares a nickname with Biden it wasn’t actually the first Rolex to make its way to the Oval. That honor actually belongs to the…Datejust.

Alex Wong

Joe Biden’s Rolex Datejust

In 1951, when Dwight Eisenhower was still just a five-star general and not yet the President of the United States, Rolex reached out with an offer. The company wanted to outfit the general with a Datejust and sent him a gold version engraved with his initials. The watch famously appeared

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