Why health insurance in rural America is suddenly getting cheaper under Obamacare

Two years ago, President Donald Trump ended key subsidies to health insurers that help reduce out-of-pocket costs for low-income Americans who buy insurance through Obamacare. Today, the insurance market has adjusted to the loss of federal payments — but the consequences for patients are quite different depending on how much they earn and where they live.

A group of health researchers, led by David Anderson at Duke University, released a new analysis on Monday that broke down the changes in affordability for Obamacare-compliant plans since Trump ended the cost-sharing reduction (CSR) subsidies.

If you’ll recall, the worry when Trump cut …

The attacks on Ilhan Omar reveal a disturbing truth about racism in America

Want to know how awful racism can still be in America? Look no further than the vitriol directed at Ilhan Omar.

Take, for example, the events of just the past several days. Last week, Twitter finally suspended the account of one of Omar’s Republican challengers, Danielle Stella, after she called for the congresswoman to be tried for treason and hanged if an unproven conspiracy theory that Omar gave sensitive information to Iran were confirmed. And Tuesday, the Tampa Bay Times reported that the campaign of Republican George Buck, a challenger to Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist in Florida, sent out …

Why Georgia’s governor is breaking with Trump over a Senate appointment

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is making a somewhat surprising move with his appointment for an open Senate seat: He’s breaking with President Donald Trump.

Kemp, the governor who tied himself tightly with the president in order to narrowly defeat Stacey Abrams last year, is appointing Atlanta businesswoman Kelly Loeffler to the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Johnny Isakson. Trump, meanwhile, has pushed a close ally, House Judiciary Republican Doug Collins, for the role.

On the one hand, this fight might not have major consequences for the Senate’s agenda: Most upper-chamber Republicans are overwhelmingly loyal to the president, …

What to expect during the House Judiciary Committee’s first impeachment hearing

The impeachment hearings are not over, they are simply moving to a different House committee.

Following two weeks of public hearings in the impeachment inquiry led by the House Intelligence Committee, on Wednesday the House Judiciary Committee is picking up where their fellow lawmakers left off with a hearing defining impeachable offenses.

The move from one committee to the other marks an important shift: It means lawmakers are now less concerned with gathering evidence of potential wrongdoing by President Donald Trump and more interested in deciding what that evidence means and whether it is enough to write and vote …

Vox Sentences: Uh-oh, NATO

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Trump vs. Macron

  • As the 70th anniversary of NATO began this week, a spat between President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron set an unpleasant tone for the celebration. [New York Times / Katie Rogers and Annie Karni]
  • During an interview with the Economist magazine last week, Macron lamented the “brain death” of NATO due to America’s unwillingness to work