North Korea Unveils What Appears to Be New ICBM During Military Parade

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea displayed what appeared to be its largest-ever intercontinental ballistic missile during a nighttime military parade in Pyongyang on Saturday, but it was not immediately clear if the missile would work or was for show.

The North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has vowed to strengthen the country’s nuclear deterrent as talks with President Trump over the country’s arsenal have stalled. The rollout of the weapon comes as Mr. Kim has struggled to keep his promises to strengthen his nation’s staggering economy.

The new ICBM appeared to be much larger than North Korea’s biggest, previously disclosed long-range

Warring Sides in Armenia and Azerbaijan Open Cease-Fire Talks

MOSCOW — Azerbaijan and Armenia negotiated a limited cease-fire early Saturday after almost two weeks of fierce fighting over a disputed province, with the goal of pausing combat long enough to collect bodies from the battlefield and to exchange prisoners.

The Russian-brokered agreement, which takes effect at noon on Saturday, was short on specifics. The issue of the how the cease-fire would play out on the front lines was left to the sides to agree to in “additional” talks.

The four-point agreement said the warring parties would halt hostilities on “humanitarian” grounds for the prisoner exchange and to retrieve bodies