1. Camp Stove Windshield 

While scrolling down an online camping shop I came across this very useful tool for camping.  such windshields can protect the camp stoves even in very strong winds.

2. Hammocks

Remember to get one or two-person hammocks to sleep under the stars. This will take a very little room in your backpack but will add a real romance in your camping experience.

3. Folding Camping Chair

Folding Camping Chair (Online camping equipment)
Online camping equipment: Folding Camping Chair

If you love to sit alone in a comfy situation during camping and want to relax by absorbing the Vitamin D from the sun, access any online camping shop to buy a foldable chair with back support.

4. Organic Camping Soap

Hygiene should be the priority especially when you are outside. You must buy a multi-purpose camping soap from a reliable camping shop before you backpack. The multi-purpose soap can be used to wash yourself, clothes, dishes, or anything.

How To Make Biodegradable Soap

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