Why is it extremely important to pay attention to your digestive tract? Just so you know, better digestion is a quite profound multidimensional process that involves not only your body but also your mind and spirit. The digestive system is in charge not only for processing your food but even all of your thoughts, experiences, and emotions every single day. 

Your daily communications, actions, and thoughts all affect your body on an emotional level. This means that they can also affect your body on a physical and digestive level. You absorb nutrients and create energy from the things you ingest and eliminate those that are not useful. Simply put, aside from food, you also metabolize your mental and emotional experiences.

Better digestion of your food and daily experiences

Maintaining the perfect balance and harmony in your digestive system is critical for facilitating better digestion of your food and daily experiences. 

What are the things you can do to ensure that your digestion will always be at its best level?

Enjoy Hot Soup Before Your Meals 

This is a tradition that has long been followed in numerous cultures. This simple habit can optimize the function of your stomach when it comes to “cooking” your food and your experiences. A quick search online can give you different recipes for easy healing soups to help you nurture and rebalance your body, mind, and spirit. 

Human digestive system
Human digestive system

Consume Wholesome Foods 

Artificial sweeteners, chemical food additives, preservatives, highly processed grains, and colors can all interfere with better digestion. Thus, it is a wiser decision to consume natural and whole foods as often as possible as much as you can. 

Eat Your Vegetables and Fruits

This is probably one of the best ways to get nutrients and natural enzymes that could have otherwise be denatured because of the heat used during the cooking process. 

Supplement if Needed

You can always replenish your enzymes’ reserve through supplementation. Just make sure you choose products that are proven and tested to be safe without dangerous side effects. 

Add Sweetness to Your Life 

The sweet taste can be rather harmonizing for your stomach and your life as a whole. Never refrain yourself from loving compliments, fun time out during evenings, or even some chocolates every now and then. After all, you deserve some desserts, right?

Drink Lots of Water

Finally, better digestion will be made possible if you drink lots of water. Just make sure that you don’t do this during meals, though. Your digestive system must stay properly hydrated like other parts of your body. However, drinking several glasses of water prior to mealtime might lead to an impairment of the digestive strength and result in an upset stomach. Instead, try drinking water 15 to 30 minutes before your meals then wait for one hour afterward. 

Donat Mg for Proper Digestion 

As a type of natural mineral water, Donat Mg is found to aid in proper digestion. Due to its hyperosmolarity, this water acts as a natural osmotic laxative, specifically a saline laxative. This makes it an effective help if you want to enjoy better digestion and prevent other problems with your digestive system. 

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