Seriously, summers in Sweden? Indeed. For those who don’t mind the high cost of living there, Sweden is a pleasant country to live in, retire to or to spend summers in especially if they already own a piece of real estate. Sweden fortunately has no restrictions when it comes to foreigners who want to own a piece of the country. Summer houses in Sweden is not impossible for those who can afford it, and it’s not limited to rich people.

Anyone with enough courage to take on Sweden can do so. By moving to the country, learning Swedish, getting along with the people, getting employment and eventually after considering permanent residence, acquiring real estate Sweden ( Sweden has no restrictions against foreigners in owning real estate whether it will be used residentially or commercially. Properties are widely available and are relatively affordable.

The country has plenty of local agencies and lawyers who can help facilitate the purchase of real estate. Sweden also allows loans and mortgages to foreigners so there’s not much to worry about if cash is not readily available. Foreign migrants need to move up the financial ladder and are allowed home loans like everyone else. Earning that summer home should be easy with Sweden’s balanced salaries, and so is buying properties outright in the case of rich retirees and jetsetters. Just remember that there should always be an agent to facilitate the sales and possibly lawyers to deal with insurance, taxes, property charges and other fees. Amenities and furnishings however are the buyer’s responsibility.

Once the real estate stage is set, Sweden’s natural wonders and balanced lifestyle allows for migrants, retirees and vacationers to enjoy beautiful summers exploring the country’s immense forests and picking mushrooms, swimming in beautiful lakes and tanning in the country’s beautiful coastlines. Summer getaways in Sweden are not impossible for both the rich as well as the determined.

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