Do you want to experience canyoning, but do not want to drive too far from Bled? We, at Altitude activities, are offering you fun and adventurous experience just a few minutes’ drive away from Bled. We will meet in front of our office at Ljubljanska cesta 1, Bled and drive along beautiful Lake Bled, passed the former residence of Yugoslav president Josip Broz- Tito, towards the Bohinj valley. Pay attention to a protruding rock on the slopes of Jelovica Mountain, the so-called Babji zob (an Old Hag’s Tooth)! In just a few minutes, we will arrive to our final canyoning Bohinj destination, where our adventure begins. Be sure you pack your swimsuit, because you will get wet!

Are you fearless or a namby-pamby?

Do you love to get your adrenaline level through the roof or are you a shy mouse who rather stays safe and secure? Canyoning Bohinj is suitable for both. You will get to enjoy plenty slides, jumps into cold and pure river pools, but our experienced guides from Altitude activities will be there to make sure you are safe on every step of the canyoning Bohinj.

Canyoning Bohinj

If you do not want to jump, we will safely lower you down with a rope. We might even tell you a story or two, an anecdote of Turks that were present in this area of canyoning Bohinj centuries ago.

Lovers of nature will sure enjoy our canyoning Bohinj adventure

Rivers Jerečica and Grmečica engraved their gorges over centuries of persistent flow over rocks. Today, these gorges offer us views that you can never notice on foot. In fact, you can even get to some areas only by canyoning, and canyoning Bohinj will make sure they do not stay unnoticed. These two gorges are considered to be among the most beautiful in the Gorenjska region. With canyoning Bohinj, you will not miss the beauty of our area and the beauty of an unspoilt nature that we can still enjoy in this part of Slovenia.

Port Pelješac, Croatia

Be Amazed with the Rugged Beauty of Pelješac, Croatia

Similar to marjority of Dalmatian Coast, the peninsula of Pelješac provides an always mild climate that boasts of balmy temperatures spiking during the months of July and August. As the area still remains unexplored, it doesn’t have tourist high season.

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