Carmen Myer and Aaron James have made it through plenty of storms together, and many more over the years as children, including Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Gustav.

The most recent, and perhaps most nerve-racking, occurred just three weeks before their wedding. A fierce February storm brought freezing temperatures throughout Texas, taxing the state’s electrical infrastructure and leaving the couple without water or power in their Houston home for days.

“A pipe burst, covering 60 percent of our home with water and leaving a giant hole in our ceiling,” said Ms. Myer, 32.

Fortunately, just two days before the storm hit, Ms. Myer made plans to travel to Baton Rouge, La., the city where their wedding was scheduled to take place, to attend a bridal shower and drop off items stored in Houston for the wedding at her parent’s house. She brought with her their marriage license and her wedding dress.

“I left for Baton Rouge after work on Friday and got back Sunday around 2 p.m., right before it started sleeting,” Ms. Myer said. “We went to the grocery store for supplies, and we lost power that evening.”

Ms. Myer remained upbeat through it all. “Life constantly chooses to test us,” she said, “and we continually come out of the other side maybe a little bit worn down, but more in love and more connected.”

Ms. Myer, who grew up in Baton Rouge, is a Montessori teacher for an in-home Montessori pod. She attended Louisiana State University and later received an early childhood credential from the American Montessori Society at the Houston Montessori Center. Mr. James, 31, is a design engineer with

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