The Bataclan Trial: Salah Abdeslam and the Banality of Terror

Healthy, Automated Gardens

Automatic watering systems consist of a method of providing water throughout the garden effortlessly, with a simple network of pipes and outlets hidden around the garden itself. There are several types of irrigation systems designed to water specific areas of the garden. These include pop-up irrigation systems for watering the lawn, micro spray jets and mini irrigation systems for large planted areas, and drip irrigation systems for precise watering of plants in borders and pots. We can then equip ourselves with the best irrigation system according to our needs.…

Lip Makeup

The transparent lipstick

Let’s start with the timeless classics: a sheer lipstick is a good choice if your lips are dry for any reason (lack of moisture, weather conditions etc.). The sheer veil it releases can moisturize your lips but also provide a lot of shine and a bit of gloss.…

Things to Check during Bees Monitoring

Brood Pattern

The size of the brood nest of your hive will vary throughout the year and depend on the location. However, a strong colony always maintains a strong brood pattern. 

Large swaths of similar age brood are the indication of a strong brood pattern. You can easily observe it when this is capped. There is a patch where the cells next to one another are capped to form a solid pattern.…

How an Electric Mountain Bike Can Make a Difference to Your Trail Rides

Contrary to common belief, when the trail is pointing exclusively down or when you want to give it a nudge, the power assistance will taper off if you travel more than 25kph. This is the time when the increased weight can become more noticeable and the penalty is that it is not that nimble. Skeptics of  eBikes seem to think that the bike is going to act like motocross bikes that tear up trails with a limitless acceleration and speed.  

But, this is actually very far from the truth. An additional benefit to pure descents was plus tyres being added …

Basic Types of Glasses

The main downside of trifocal and bifocal lenses is their distinct line between every field of vision. It makes the lens section produce significantly different vision. While many people can get used to it without having any issue, it is the shortcoming that paved way to the creation of more advanced lenses like progressives.…

As Earth Warms, Human History Is Melting Away

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For the past few centuries, the Yup’ik peoples of Alaska have told gruesome tales of a massacre that occurred during the Bow and Arrow War Days, a series of long and often brutal battles across the Bering Sea coast and the Yukon. According to one account, the carnage started when one village sent a war party to raid another. But the residents had been tipped off and set an ambush, wiping out the marauders. The victors then attacked the undefended town,