Fitting the beehive scale may seem a bit complex. However, there are beehive scales that are easy to install. Beehive farmers should just follow the manual. If you are not sure of what to do, consult the manufactures or their agent.

How does a beehive scale work?

In knowing how the beehive scale functions, you need to know that it varies in its mass with beehive combs. Beehive combs have their heaviness evenly distributed on the posterior or anterior. The scale and its design rely on the notion that main bulk of the hive is at the geometrical halfway point.

Quality beehive scales

The beehive scale works by indicating to the beehive keeper about the heft of the hives. As per the mass of the hives, this is shown on the beehive scale’s display unit. The best beehive scales can display units in pounds, kilograms, or in ounces. When installing the beehive scale, place its platforms below your beehive.

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