Psychotherapists are trained professionals who can provide clients with a form of counseling. However, someone who has similar qualifications may also decide to be referred to as a counselor instead. In general, a practitioner who offers short-term treatment is called a counselor. A professional with a couple or more years of training opts to be called a psychotherapist.

The term counselor sounds less intrusive to the general public and it is also more easily acceptable compared to what the term psychotherapist implies. Psychotherapists may then call themselves counselors to attract more potential clients.


How to Meet Your Expectations

When entering any form of counseling, a person is required to have a firm commitment to open communication and distress. To get the best out of this therapy, it is important to consider the right form of counseling. It begins by visiting the kind of therapist known to have the best skills in the specific area you want to focus on.

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